Thank you for bearing with me as we journey through Lent – here are the next five days’ thoughts, randomly they come but they are honestly felt. I hope they find their home.


Kith and kin
so important to us just so the family that Jesus left behind
how did they feel

Joseph and his children
Father and siblings to God what an honour what a burden
what a mystery


Simple fishermen
twelve men left to wonder why their friend and leader had gone
without them

how could they begin
to understand the enormity of the position that Jesus was in
dying to live


a concept so difficult
an idea that we find too heavy to contemplate
in the depth of our minds

that living and breathing
we function just so eating and working and loving
onward we go


but tell us we die
then live once more in the bosom of god
shakes us to the core

the life we are given
through love and desire is made much more precious
by heavenly choir


I once met an angel
so softly she came that before I had noticed
she’d gone left no name

but I know it was heaven
sent her to see that I needed a guardian
there she was just for me

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury