These random thoughts come to me as I try to make sense of sacrifice and goodness against the turmoil that affects the earth in this ever changing 21st century.


The image of Jesus
seared into my mind as a tower of strength sometimes angry
but kind

How would he feel
if he came here today become suffused with such sorrow
would he weep


Was Mary dry eyed
as she waited for him her first born to come down the mountain again
did she cry

How did Joseph then comfort
the woman he knew as his wife but the handmaid of Jehovah too
did he weep


He probably did the thing that he could
he made her a keepsake out of hard olive wood
it was love

love that kept all of them
deep in the well of loneliness/happiness how can we tell
love will survive


I spoke to my oak tree
it grows large by the field I walk then I stand and speak softly
I hear the noises around

no rustle of leaves yet
its branches now thicken with sap rising calling the birds to its form
it stands there yet


If only we could know
what the trees have seen throughout the centuries they stand
and become wise

Mayhap we should stand more often
listen to the earth as it tells its story of survival and torment
at human hands

Very best wishes – Denny Bradbury©