Dear Reader – thank you for staying with me through the journey of Lent in 2017 – quite a different world from two thousand years ago – or is it? here is my latest offering – random thoughts as ever.


Did you wake up cold
stiff and hungry from your nightly prayers did the stones bend to your form
were you afraid

were there any signs of spring
did nature offer just one morsel of colour in a flower
to give hope


I see the blackthorn
flowers so white they hurt your eyes in their wakening from the
dull brown hedge

small oases of green
hedgerows coming to life after a winter of retreat and renewal


Today I saw a kingfisher
what a delight of colour in a drab post winter world
where is the sun

hiding behind storm clouds
rain gives us such a green countryside we should be grateful
we will be patient


O light a flame within my heart
I am ready
truly ready

all doubts pushed to one side as I am overtaken by music
it was if an angel choir sang this morning


Stand still and listen
what do you hear – the sound of peace or does misery draw near
hounding your senses

stand still and look
with all that you have be aware of the beauty
surrounding you be glad

May your own journeys be filled with love and peace – Denny Bradbury©💚